Friday, November 14, 2008

ADePT Q3/08 update

We are pleased to inform that we have updated the ADePT slides effective 14 November 2008.

The updated slides are from the following modules:
a. Companys Profile
b. Unit Trust
c. Industry Opportunity
d. Commission Scheme & Benefits
e. Services & Support
f. Sales Contest
g. Financial Planning

You can update the ADePT slides with effect from 14 November 2008 and onwards via CD Installation or download via Agent web-site.

A. CD Installation

Please refer to your service office for a copy of the ADePT Q3/08 CD.

Important Notes: You are required to uninstall your existing ADePT software before reinstalling ADePT Q3/08. To uninstall your existing ADePT software, insert the ADePT Q3/08 CD into your CD drive, double click on setup.exe file and select Remove ADePT. To install the software, double click on setup.exe file again to run it.

B. Download via Agent Web-Site

To download the latest ADePT version via the Agent web-site, you can:
a. Login to our web-site at
b. Select the icon Agent Domain and key in your username and password
c. Select Tools before selecting Advanced e-Presentation Tool (ADePT)
d. Select Download latest ADePT slides

Important Notes: If your current ADePT is lower than V2, you are UNABLE to download ADePT version2/08 via our Agent Web-Site. Subscribers are required to borrow a copy of ADePT Q3/08 CD from your respective service office for installation.

If you have any queries or require further assistance, you may contact our Agent Service Hotline at 03 6279 6900.

Yours truly
for Public Mutual Berhad
Agent Service Section

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